Cross Country: SCTCCCA Coaches Classic 2011

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Cross Country: SCTCCCA Coaches Classic 2011

This past weekend, I attended what I think is annually the largest cross country meet in South Carolina.  Over 70 schools from across the state descend on the Sandhills Research Center in Columbia, SC.  The runners compete in 7 divisions, 4 varsity and 3 Junior Varsity.  For a break down of the finishes, you can click here.

Thundering Herd

This year the organizers broke the JV boys division into two divisions, 7th-9th grades and 10th-12th grades.  In previous years, this race had over 800 boys in it.  I had hoped to show you a video of the 800 person stampede of a start.  However, with the split, my video here is of the 7th-9th grade division and probably has 300+ in it.  I still think you get the idea.  That’s quite a start.


One thing I’ve noticed at cross country meets is the clever t-shirts the teams have come up with.  I took pictures at Coaches Classic to share:

This Sport would be great if it weren't for all the running.

Can you read this? Not for long.

No Walking. Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.

You can never run a hill TOO HARD: You will collapse before hurtin it.

I do today what you won't, so I can do tomorrow what you can't.

Cross Country: The only sport where spectators run too!

No short cuts just short shorts


My sport is your sport's punishment

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