Summertime Blues?

Aug 3, 2011 by

Summertime Blues?

Is there a cure?

I don’t think I have the blues, but I am certainly tired of the the South Carolina heat and humidity. Seems like we don’t even get afternoon thunderstorms any more to give us a short break.

The other night, as I was running the trails in 95 degree heat,  the conversation with myself went something like this:

Why are you out here in this heat?

Because this is fun!

You’re a moron.  Shouldn’t you hit the exercise bike inside?

Nah, that’s boring.  And besides, the cross country team is practicing right now, too.

Yea, but they are 25 years younger.

Right.  Oh well, I’m slower, so I’ll be OK. This will pay off in the fall.

If that’s what you believe, OK.  Now, take another sip of Gatorade.

Oh yea, thanks.  Needed that.  4 miles are enough.  Let’s go in.

If you find yourself having such conversations with yourself, maybe it is too hot to run.  Laps in the pool might be wiser.

Does the heat of August zap your energy and motivation?  You are probably not alone. Here’s my plan for motivation this August:

1. Plan out a few fall races.  I already have the Governor’s Cup Half Marathon penciled in for early November, but I need a couple of others in there for September or October. If I have races scheduled, the temptation to slack up tends to go away.

2. Purchase new shoes.  I plan to purchase some Newton Distance Racers this weekend.  Even though I am working on barefoot running, I still need some new long distance shoes. Having new treads underneath always motivates.

3. Run with family members. My son is now in his second season of cross country.  We’ll do weekend runs together, and I’ll try to keep up.  Last year we had a lot of good runs training together for a half marathon.  I also plan to do a 1 mile fun run with my 7 year-old daughter later in the fall.  So, it is time to get her back in training! Finally, there is one other household member that may get back into running soon.  I’ll keep encouraging/pestering her until she get back out there with me.

Good luck with your August running.  The South Carolina humidity should break in a few weeks!



  1. Greg

    Been catching up on your blog. Looks great, very imformative. And, I haven’t confirmed yet, but I actually might have been motivated to do something other than sit here and vegetate.

    More to come.


  2. Angie Fowler

    You should really lay off Grammy about running, you know she has bad knees! 8)


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