Summer Summary

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Summer Summary

September is here.  Even though school has been back in session a couple of weeks now, I guess the passing of Labor Day weekend and the start of college football make it official: Summer is over.

So while the kiddos took a break from school, I used the summer to learn some new things about running.  Here’s what I learned in summer session 2011:

1. Trail running is great fun. Sometimes something wonderful is right under your nose.  For several years I’ve literally had a trail in my backyard – a two-mile loop nature conservatory trail around the neighborhood that I had never used for running.  Until this year.  In an attempt to get out of the sun, I started running this trail, which led to running other trails, which led to completing my first official trail run.  I am now planning another trail race in January – the Harbison 50K.

2. Barefoot running is fun. And therapeutic. I’ve mentioned my 2nd attempt at barefoot running in another part of my website.  The first attempt really didn’t involve being barefoot, but instead consisted of running in Vibram Five Fingers.   That first attempt didn’t go so well.  This summer, though, in attempt number two, I have actually been running barefoot.  I started slowly, with short quarter mile or so runs and built up.  Over the last month and a half, I have run about 13 miles barefoot, with a longest run of 2 1/2 miles.  May not sound like much, but it is a start.  My feet are strengthening for sure, and my problematic left foot is better.  I’d say it has improved from a C- to a B-.  I plan to continue barefoot running.

3. Blogging is fun. But a lot of work.  Kind of like running  As an IT person, I’ve enjoyed learning some new software (WordPress).   If you compared my blogging pursuit to my running pursuit, I’m probably still back in 5K land.  I’ll keep at it, though.  Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

Hope you had a good summer and are ready to enjoy the upcoming fall weather!



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  1. I’d wear shoes on the trail though… vibrams, at least!

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