Week 12: BQ Training with Run Less Run Faster

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Week 12: BQ Training with Run Less Run Faster

Here is my report for week twelve of sixteen of my Outer Banks 2013 marathon training. I am following the 3:25:00 Boston Qualifier plan outlined in the book Run Less Run Faster.

To review past weeks, click here.

Short version: Excellent week. I hit all targets, meaning I’ve hit all targets for three weeks in a row, the first time I’ve done this.

For the long version, keep reading.

Cross Training. Wednesday and Thursday

Successfully completed the two prescribed swim workouts: twenty kick laps with 15 seconds rest in between, followed by twenty freestyle laps non-stop.

Grade: Pass

Run workout #1. Sunday

The track and a twist.  This week’s track workout called for 3 x 1600m in 6:31.  Decided to do this on Sunday because we had a cross country family relay event Sunday afternoon, which put me on the high school grounds anyway.  I road my bicycle to the school to make sure I warmed up well.  Wasn’t too hard as the temperature was around 88 degrees! I thought summer had left the building.

I then proceeded to run my leg of the relay race (mile 2 of the 5K course) in 6:03.  Not bad for an old guy.  My nine year old daughter did the first mile around 8:15, and my son did the anchor leg 1.1 miles in something like 5:50.  We just missed breaking 20:00 by a few seconds.

Now came the hard part.  Doing my track workout in the heat.


  • 1600m #1: 6:25
  • 1600m #2: 6:22
  • 1600m #3: 6:27

Grade: A+. Very solid workout.  I’m sure an all out mile “warm up” wasn’t the smartest, but I pulled it off.

Run workout #2. Tuesday

This week’s tempo run called for ten miles at a 7:49 pace, the second and last of this distance tempo run in the program.

Result: Came home to 55 degrees and drizzling.  This was over a 30 degree temperature difference from the track session two days earlier.  It felt great.  My main goal was a negative split, and over the first five miles I averaged 7:47.  By this time, I was feeling really good and decided to see what I could do.  I then stepped down the final five miles in 7:42, 7:35, 7;22, 7:00 and finally 6:42 in the last mile.  Finishing in 1:15:28.

Grade: A+. That’s a 7:15 pace for last five miles and a 7:31 pace overall. It was also a negative split.  Maybe I pushed it too much on the second half, but I felt really good.

Run Workout #3. Friday

This week’s long run called for fifteen miles at an 8:04 pace.   I was a little worried that my extra fast effort Tuesday night might hurt this run.  I was hoping for similar weather.

Well, the weather was OK at 65 degrees but about 10 degrees warmer than I wanted. Would have been a great morning to run have leisurely long run at a 10:00/mile pace, but I had to do better.

I intentionally dialed it back a bit on the first half, so I could have a good shot at the usual negative split goal.  I know I mention this a lot, but I think it will be one of the keys to success on November 10th.

Grade: A. Did the first half in an 8:05 pace.  Did the second half at a 7:57 pace, coming in at 2:00:40, an 8:01 pace.  Missions accomplished.

Week Twelve Summary

Very happy with the week.  Was able to meet all targets despite possible a couple of not so smart moves – the relay race and the extra fast tempo run.

Here’s a graphic showing hit or miss on the workouts over the past ten weeks. For the tempo and long runs, I included mileage and pace targets (not including the easy warm up and cool down miles for the tempo runs). The actual pace result is in parentheses:

Scorecard Through Week Twelve

Scorecard Through Week Twelve

Up Next

Here’s what is in store for week thirteen:

Run #1: Track work. 10 x 400m in 1:32. 400m RI between each
Run #2: 1 mile easy warm up, 8 miles @ 7:49/mile, 1 mile easy cool down
Run #3: 20 miles @ 8:04/mile.

Cross Training: Swim – kick 4 lengths, swim 20 minutes, kick 4 lengths

Four weeks to go and this is the last of the brutal weeks before taper starts.  The toughest run of the week will be the final 20 miler of the program.


Stay tuned and POFIFOTO!

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