Week 5: BQ Training with Run Less Run Faster

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Week 5: BQ Training with Run Less Run Faster

Here is my report for week five of sixteen of my Outer Banks 2013 marathon training. I am following the 3:25:00 Boston Qualifier plan outlined in the book Run Less Run Faster.

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Short version: Hit all the targets for the week.  Still on track.  For the long version, keep reading.

Cross Training. Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Successfully completed the two prescribed swim workouts.  This week’s swims called for five sets of 2 kick laps, rest 15 seconds followed by 2 swim laps, rest 30 seconds.  For the freestyle laps, I tried to speed it up a bit.  I was also able to get in an hour and a half bike ride on Sunday.

Grade: Pass

Run workout #1. Monday

Weekly trip to the high school track. This week’s workout was the same as week one, three 1600m (one mile) repeats in 6:31, with a 400m rest interval. In week one, I went out too fast in the first mile (6:13), and didn’t quite meet the mark on miles two and three (6:35 & 6:40).  This week, I wanted to be more consistent.  Some afternoon storms had cooled the temperature to 76, but I still had high August humidity.


  • 1600 #1: 6:19
  • 1600 #2: 6:23
  • 1600 #3: 6:23

Grade: A. First two of these were not too bad.  The last half of number three was painful.

Run workout #2. Thursday

Run #2 called for a six mile run: two easy miles warm up, then three miles at a 7:04 pace, then one mile easy cool down. This target pace for the three tough miles was 15 seconds faster per mile than last week’s pace, but it was one mile shorter. Here are the results:

  • Mile 1: 9:33
  • Mile 2: 8:42
  • Mile 3: 6:58
  • Mile 4: 6:59
  • Mile 5: 6:55
  • Mile 6: 9:02

Grade: A. Average pace for the three fast miles: 6:57!

Run Workout #3. Friday

The long run for the week called for 18 miles at an 8:34/mile pace.  This week was more August-like as the humidity returned and the morning low was in the seventies, instead of last week’s mid sixties.  I left at sun up to beat the heat, and had a goal of another negative split.  Since I hit an 8:33 pace in last weeks 20 miler, I wanted to be closer to an 8:30 pace for this run.  After nine miles I was right on track at 8:33/mile.  I was able to crank it up a bit, but the humidity was weighing on me.  I managed 8:26/mile on the second half, coming in at 2:33:16.  This was 8:30/mile overall pace for the run.  Mission accomplished.

Grade: A

Week Five Summary

Another very good week.  I was definitely aided by some cooler weather on the short runs.  Still feeling good about my progress, and my foot had a good week.  However, there are dark clouds looming on the horizon.  The upcoming week looks to be the last of the easier weeks, both in workouts and family schedules.  Week seven workouts take a serious intensity jump, and my day job is going to be very hectic that week.  Also,my son’s high school cross country mid-week meets start up in week seven, and shortly after that, my daughter’s soccer practices and games start.  Things are going to get interesting.

Up Next

Here’s what is in store for week six:

Run #1: Track work. 2 x 1200m in 4:47 with 2 minute rest intervals and 4x800m in 3:08 with 2 minute rest intervals
Run #2: 1 mile easy, 5 miles @ 7:19/mile, 1 mile easy.
Run #3: 20 miles @ 8:34/mile

Cross Training: 5 x (8 lengths free + 2 lengths kick) with 1 minute rest between sets

Run #2 worries me most week.  The last time I had five tough miles for the tempo run (back in week 3), I missed the target by a couple of seconds per mile due to some tough long hills.  This time, I’ll keep the hills shorter, but that is a tough pace.  I think it is gonna hurt.

Stay tuned and POFIFOTO!

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